Wrinkles Aren’t the Only Sign of Aging to Worry About

Mira Aesthetic Medical Center offers treatments to combat many top signs of aging. Although facial wrinkles are often the first problem you notice, they are by no means the only telltale sign of aging you will experience. To achieve a younger look, it is important to not only correct wrinkles with treatments like Botox, laser resurfacing, or facelifts, but also correct any other signs of aging that may be apparent in your face and body. At Mira Aesthetic Medical Center, we offer a complete range of cosmetic treatments that can be combined into a personalized plan to tackle all the top signs of aging, including:

Sun Damage

After many years of sun exposure, your skin may become blotchy, freckled, and dull. Chemical peels offer an excellent means to improve the evenness of skin pigmentation and restore a healthier, more youthful tone.

Sagging Skin

Skin tends to lose its elasticity with age, which is the main reason you get wrinkles. However, loose skin can also start to sag, creating a “turkey neck” effect along the jawline, making the eyes appear tired, and creating a wobbly look on the upper arms. Various “tuck” surgeries can be used to remove this excess skin and provide a tighter, more youthful look.

Loss of Facial Volume

Having a smooth, wrinkle-free face will not look natural unless your face also has a youthful shape. Fillers provide one means of restoring youthful volume to the face. However in many cases the face has not only lost volume, but fat has actually shifted so that the apples of the cheeks are no longer where they belong. In this case surgery will be needed to remove fat from the lower part of the cheeks and tighten skin to create a more youthful contour to the face.

Unwanted Facial Hair

As women age, they sometimes develop unwanted facial hair. In cases where there is a good deal of hair on the upper lip, chin, or cheeks this may be quite disturbing. Options for removing unwanted facial hair include a facial wax or a laser hair removal treatment.

Abdominal Weight Gain

Another common experience for aging men and women is abdominal weight gain. In both sexes this can be linked to age-related hormonal changes, and the weight can be very difficult to lose. Fortunately, you can get liposuction or tummy tuck procedures to help eliminate this stubborn pouch of fat and help retain a more youthful figure.

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