Why American Women are Choosing Breast Implants

Many women choose to have breast enhancement surgery, and they do so for a variety of reasons. Breast implants can boost confidence and improve self-esteem, which in turn can lead to a variety of other positive life changes such as an improved social life or increased professional opportunities. While breast implant surgery can lead to many positive changes, it’s critical that those considering the procedure are realistic about their expectations, and that they view surgery as a way to improve, rather than perfect, their physical appearance. Here’s a look at some of the more common reasons Americans are citing in choosing to undergo breast enhancement surgery.



Breastfeeding offers an abundance of health benefits to a newborn, and can also be a great bonding experience for mother and child. Once the breastfeeding stage has passed however, many women find that their breasts are never the same. The same can be said for women who gain or lose a lot of weight in a relatively short amount of time, whether due to pregnancy, dieting or something else entirely. Just as many women like to “lose the baby weight,” regaining their pre-baby breasts is often also a priority, and that’s why many women choose to have breast implants or a breast lift to correct a sagging, shrinking or virtually nonexistent chest area.


Just because a woman can still fit into her daughter’s clothes or the juniors section at the local department store doesn’t mean she wants to. Many women grow tired of limited clothing and swimsuit options, and cite issues dressing properly for work or play as a result of their underdeveloped chest areas. Not only does a breast enhancement surgery enable these women to shop in more “age appropriate” stores, but it can also help them wear clothes or swimsuits with more confidence.


Just as women with particularly small breasts often desire a bigger size, women with asymmetrical breasts long for an even chest area. Whether asymmetry is caused by a previous surgery or is entirely natural, it can be tremendously embarrassing, and can lead to a variety of issues such as a decreased social or sex life, lowered self-confidence or an inability to find clothes that fit well and look attractive. Women who have undergone a mastectomy, or surgery to remove a breast due to issues caused by cancer, also often elect to have breast enhancement surgery to give themselves a more natural appearance. While there are a myriad of reasons women cite for choosing implants, each situation is unique and different. Therefore, any interested party should undergo a personal consultation before electing to go under the knife. For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Mira Aesthetic at (714) 544-8678.

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