Who Is a Good Candidate for a Cheek Lift in Orange County?

If you want long-term results when it comes to getting rid of the loose and baggy skin, a lift procedure is going to give you the best results. However, before you decide to use some form of a lift procedure, it is good to find out about the procedure as well as your candidacy for it. We would like to discuss who is a good candidate for a cheek lift in Orange County.

How would you currently describe your cheeks? Do you feel that gravity has taken effect on your cheeks and is causing them to look sunken in and flat? If so, a cheek lift may be the best procedure for you. The purpose of a cheek lift is to improve your facial contours. This is going to lead to you having a much more youthful appearance.

As you already know, this is a surgical procedure. It is often used in conjunction with a facelift. Its main purpose is to address the areas below the eyelid and then down toward the sides of the mouth. It brings the cheeks to a higher position. When this happens, you are left with a much more youthful face. It can even soften marionette lines. With more fullness in your cheeks and fewer lines on your face, you are going to look a lot younger.

The best way to find out about your candidacy for a cheek lift is to visit us and have an evaluation of your face and health done. We are going to look for sagging skin in the mid-face area. If you have lost volume because of the aging process and now your cheeks look sunken in, we will help you to determine if a cheek lift is the best option to give you a softer and more youthful face. You should expect for your cheeks to be moved into a higher position and to be moved outward.

As with all other lift procedures, your health is going to play a large role in determining your candidacy for this procedure. You must be free from serious illnesses that would affect your ability to heal. We will ask you about past health issues that you have had and also find out if you are taking any medication.

We will use a variety of different things to help get a good idea of what a cheek lift can do for you. When you have realistic expectations, you will feel happy with the results that you get after this procedure. We are going to examine your skin closely to make sure that it is still elastic enough to benefit from this procedure. Contact us today at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center and Spa to learn about the benefits that come from a cheek lift.

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