What to Expect When You Decide to Get Breast Implants

If you opt for breast implant surgery, you’ve probably contemplated it for years. Once you decide to get implants, you may feel excited and a bit apprehensive. If you know what to expect, you’ll be less anxious.


Before you visit your doctor to have implants placed, you’ll visit him to be evaluated and measured and to discuss your expectations. Do you want a subtle boost in breast size or a marked increase in cup size? Your doctor will show you photographs and recommend implant size, type (saline or silicone), and placement. You’ll also discuss whether you’ll have local or general anesthesia. Most doctors recommend general anesthesia. In this option, you will be asleep during your operation. Once you have agreed on the goal for your surgery, you’ll schedule your operation. Most surgeries take place in outpatient facilities. Unless you experience complications, you can expect to return home that same day.


Once you have donned your hospital gown and removed your contact lenses, if you have them, the anesthesiologist will administer either a local or general anesthetic. Once it has taken effect, your doctor will make an incision where the implant will be placed. Depending on which option you chose during your consultation, this cut will be made under your breast in the crease where breast meets chest, under you arm, or in the area surrounding your areola. The incision gives your surgeon room to manually create a pocket into which he will place the implant and maneuver it into the ideal location to create the look that you desire. If you have opted for saline implants, your surgeon will use a needle to fill them with saline until they reach the desired cup size, once the implants are positioned . Silicone implants, on the other hand, are already filled before they are inserted. Finally, your surgeon will use sutures to close your incisions and then bandage the area so it can heal.


Once you recover from the anesthesia, you’ll need to get someone to drive you home. You’ll likely be sore for the days and weeks after surgery. In addition to refraining from physically demanding activities until your incisions heal, your doctor may want you to wear a sports bra for the first few weeks after surgery. This will ensure that the implants remain in proper position while you heal. It also will protect your breasts as they heal. Finally, if your sutures are not the absorbable type, you’ll need to schedule an appointment to have them removed. If you are ready to get breast implants in the Orange County CA area, contact Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa today at 714.544.8678. Dr. Mirrafati specializes in natural-looking breast implants that will help you face each day with confidence.

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