What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition that affects many men around the world. It is when the breast tissue in either young boys or men starts to swell. The swelling is caused in part by the overproduction of estrogen or the underproduction of testosterone, or a mixture of both. This condition is seen in newborns, in teenagers who are going through puberty and in older men who are experiencing this imbalance as the amount of testosterone their body creates is decreased.

This condition can affect one breast or it can affect both breasts. Usually, it is not a serious health issue. Some men or boys with the condition may have pain in their breasts, but the biggest problem comes from a sense of embarrassment that the individual dealing with the condition may have. He may feel uncomfortable taking off his shirt in public, and he might be harassed by peers and friends.

In addition to hormone imbalances, there are other substances that have been shown to lead to the development of gynecomastia. These include using marijuana, smoking heroin, using meth and alcohol abuse.

There are a lot of conditions that will interfere with the body’s normal production of testosterone. Many of these are behind the reason why boys and men develop gynecomastia. There are also changes that naturally occur in hormone production with age. These changes are more pronounced in men who are overweight.

The growth of tumors on the testes, on the adrenal gland or on the pituitary gland can change the way that your body produces hormones. It can minimize the production of male hormones and lead to an increased production of female hormones. This is also true for individuals who are battling with hyperthyroidism.

Individuals who are receiving treatment for hemodialysis may experience gynecomastia in connection with normal hormonal changes. Medications that are taken to treat liver failure have also been shown to trigger this condition in some men.

Nutrition plays a role as well. When a man is deprived of necessary nutrition, his body responds by dropping its testosterone levels. However, the estrogen levels in the body stay the same. This leads to the hormonal imbalance needed for gynecomastia to present itself.

Gynecomastia can cause an individual deep psychological or emotional scars, especially when the change in appearance happens later in life or during a vulnerable time in life. If gynecomastia is affecting you in a negative way, talk to Dr. Mirrafati at Mira Aesthetic Medical Spa in Costa Mesa. He can perform a simple procedure that removes the excess breast tissue. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn more!

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