What Are 24-Hour Breast Implants?

Some patients looking for a quick fix are boosting breast size with Insta Breast.You may have heard some buzz about a 24-hour breast implant procedure called InstaBreast. Some patients are using this procedure to boost cleavage and cup size for a special occasion. But is this really safe? Here’s what you need to know about 24-hour breast implants.


InstaBreast is a procedure involving the injection of saline into the breast, typically either into the cleavage or sides of the breasts. The 15- to 20-minute procedure delivers a temporary boost to breast volume, and after about 24 hours the saline will be absorbed into the body.


The original purpose of InstaBreast was to provide a trial run for women considering breast augmentation. Injecting saline into the breast provides a much more realistic alternative to using computer software or a padded bra to try out different implant sizes. Surgeons who offer InstaBreast say it helps to prevent the “buyer’s remorse” suffered by some patients who wish they had chosen a larger implant.

Using InstaBreast as a 24-hour breast implant for a special event or just for fun runs contrary to its intended use. The surgeon who invented it, Dr. Norman Rowe, confirmed that this is not what he designed InstaBreast for. Many surgeons try to weed out patients who are not serious about breast implants but only looking for a quick thrill.


Many surgeons do not offer 24-hour breast implants at all due to concerns about their safety and utility. First of all, breasts augmented via saline injection do not look or feel like breasts augmented with implants. So while a rough estimate of size may be achieved, as a preview InstaBreast still offers much to be desired. Secondly, and more importantly, InstaBreast is an invasive procedure with no known accuracy. It does not have the extensive body of research behind it that available breast implants do. InstaBreast presents a small risk of side effects such as hematoma and infection, and many surgeons feel the temporary effect is not work even this small risk.


According to a study from the The Aesthetic Surgery Journal, patients seeking breast augmentation reported a 98.5 percent accuracy rating when 3-D imaging was used to help choose their implant size and shape. In the hands of a skilled surgeon such as Dr. Mirrafati, 3-D imaging software can provide a highly realistic—and totally risk-free—prediction of how you will look after breast augmentation. Don’t risk 24 hour breast implants. Instead, come to Mira Aesthetic Medical Center for a safe, effective, and lasting procedure that will give you the breasts you’ve always wanted.

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