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Your nose is one of the first things that someone notices on your face, and if it is an odd size or shape, then it is hard to look your best. Our experts can change the shape or size of your nose while making sure that you can still breathe correctly. With an examination, we can show you how your interior and exterior nose structure can improve with rhinoplasty. You may only require a subtle change to your nose, such as eliminating a bump on the bridge of the nose, but a nose surgeon can also make major structural changes to the inside of the nose to alter its exterior appearance.

It is possible to have a genetic defect of the nose that gives you a strange appearance, or perhaps, you have had an injury to the nose that has broken the bone. Today, a nose surgeon can find ways to repair most types of damage to the nose, and it will improve your facial appearance. The majority of rhinoplasty procedures are performed on older teenagers or adults because the nose stops growing, making it possible for a surgeon to alter the nose’s shape or size.

The Nose Is Complex

While the nose might look simple from the outside, the interior portions of the nose are more complex, and most rhinoplasty procedures involve working from the inside of the nose. This makes it possible to change your nose without having visible scars that you would need to cover with makeup. In order to change the nose’s appearance, the nose surgeon will remove and adjust tissue.

In some cases, the surgeon will need to add something to the nose such as bone or cartilage grafts. This means that the surgeon is working in close proximity to the sinuses that are located deeper in your face, and to avoid damaging these structures, special care is required. There are also nerves and muscles in or near the nose that can affect the way that the rest of the face looks, and this means that the surgeon must work carefully to avoid damaging these parts of the nose.

The Amount of Time Required for Nose Surgery Varies

Looking your best with a nose job can mean changing the size or shape of the entire nose or certain parts of the nose such as the tip or the nostrils. You may have narrow nostrils that don’t look appropriate with the shape and size of your face, or you might have a nose tip that is too large, giving you a strange appearance. All of these conditions are repairable with rhinoplasty that is performed in a hospital or clinic.

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