Toss Your Razor Aside After Laser Hair Removal in Orange County

Many Orange County residents are interested in the benefits that come from laser hair removal. They are tired of all the frustrations that come with using a razor to shave. We invite you to toss your razor aside after laser hair removal in Orange County.

The first thing that you should know about laser hair removal that is that it offers our clients semi-permanent hair reduction. Some may never experience hair growth in the area that received treatments again. Others may experience growth at some future time. This is especially the case if an individual goes through something that affects their hormones, like pregnancy or weight gain. If a person does experience growth of hair in the area that received treatment at some future time, one of the things that they will notice is that the hair that grows in is different than the hair that grew before. It is going to be lighter and thinner. For many individuals, this is extremely beneficial.

It is likely to take at least a couple of treatment sessions for you to get the best results. Most individuals need to visit our office at least six times. Your visits are going to be spaced about four weeks apart. It is necessary to schedule these visits about four weeks apart because our goal is to try to treat hair that is going through an active growing phase. Did you know that right now only about 20 percent of the hair on your body is actively growing? As you can see, it is important for us to schedule these treatments in the way we do for you to get the best results. The laser is only going to affect the hairs that are actively growing.

We understand that shaving has a lot of downsides. If you have a sensitive skin or you are prone to ingrown hairs, you know the frustration that comes with this method for removing unwanted hair. You likely deal with razor bumps on a regular basis. You may never have skin that is actually soft and smooth. You are either dealing with rashes and irritation or you are dealing with stubble. You can forget about all of these problems with laser hair removal. You can toss your razor aside after you visit us here in Orange County for a couple of treatments.

After you visit us for your initial consultation, you are going to have a good idea of what laser hair removal can do for you. This treatment does not work the same for everyone. Some individuals get better results than others. We will have to adjust the treatment to meet your particular needs. As a rule of thumb, individuals who have light skin and dark hair usually get the best results. However, we will work with a variety of individuals to help them get the results they are looking for.

This is not a treatment like waxing where you cannot shave in between treatment sessions. You are not going to have to deal with ugly hair growth during the weeks between your treatment. In fact, we encourage our clients to shave in between sessions. Contact Mira Aesthetic Medical Center and Spa today to schedule a consultation!

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