Top 10 Cosmetic Procedures for Men

Although women still account for over 90 percent of all cosmetic procedures, data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that more and more men are discovering the benefits of cosmetic treatments, including surgical and non-surgical procedures. Experts believe that men are turning to cosmetic procedures in an effort to look younger and remain competitive in the workplace longer.


Since 2000, the total number of male cosmetic procedures performed per year has risen 22 percent. Here is a breakdown of the most common procedures fueling this statistic.

1. Botox. Botox is by far the most common cosmetic procedure for men, who appreciate its ability to provide a more youthful appearance without the need for any recovery time. Male Botox treatments have increased by 258 percent since 2000.

2. Laser Hair Removal. Blame “metrosexuality,” or the trend towards more fastidious male grooming, for this one. Though facial hair has become trendy, body hair is still out and many men find laser hair removal a convenient and effective way to shed unwanted back or chest hair.

3. Microdermabrasion. Many young male patients are looking to treatments like microdermabrasion as a form of “pre-juvenation,” or a means of correcting minor sun damage and improving facial collagen before their skin develops an obviously aged look.

4. Chemical Peel. Chemical peels are often performed in conjunction with microdermabrasion in an effort to even out skin tone and provide smoother and more beautiful skin.

5. Soft Tissue Fillers.Once facial wrinkles have progressed to the point where treatments like Botox can’t help, men are turning to soft tissue fillers to correct them.

6. Nose Jobs. Rhinoplasty continues to be the most popular cosmetic surgery for men, although the changes to the shape and size of the nose may not be as dramatic as in years past. A trend towards more chiseled male looks in popular media and culture may be influencing men to keep their strong noses and only refine the shape a little.

7. Eyelid Surgery. Eyelid surgery can be used to correct that “sleepy” look for a more youthful, alert, and energetic appearance.

8. Liposuction. Weight gain is a common side effect of aging, and sometimes men who work out regularly just can’t seem to lose that last bit of stubborn belly fat. Increasing numbers are turning to liposuction for help.

9. Breast Reduction. The dreaded “man-boob” can have a big impact on men’s self-esteem, so it’s no surprise that many men seek to eliminate this feature through cosmetic surgery.

10. Facelift. Among men, facelifts have enjoyed a 6 percent boost in popularity since 2011. However, the recovery time associated with a facelift makes this procedure less attractive to men who may be trying to subtly enhance their appearance in order to remain competitive at work.

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