The Functional Benefits of Nose Surgery

Your nose is a somewhat awkward feature of your face. It sticks out for all to see, and for some people, it can be deformed, misaligned and aesthetically challenged. Yet, your nose plays an important role in your health and well-being. It also serves practical purposes that are common to your daily routine. It is important to be able to smell when the coffee is ready in the morning and when other types of food are cooking, for example, so that you know when your next meal is going to be. When your nose has structural issues, however, nose surgery can sometimes be the only viable method through which to correct such problems and improve the overall functionality of your nose. The following are some functional benefits of nose surgery for your consideration.


The type of surgery that is performed on the nose to improve its aesthetics and functionality is called rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty surgery is a common procedure that many plastic surgeons perform on a regular basis. The average rhinoplasty takes around two hours to complete. A plastic surgeon must be careful to ensure that any alterations to your nose will not create more problems than are being solved.

Better Breathing

If your nose has a structural abnormality that needs to be addressed, you may find it difficult to breathe until the surgery has corrected the obstructive structural abnormality. By opening the air passages of the nose, you will be able to get more oxygen into your lungs and to every part of your body more efficiently. Not being able to breathe so freely can be a major cause of fatigue and exhaustion.

Improves Your Sinuses

Due to the way the nose is structured, you can have a tough time with sinus issues. One moment your sinuses will seem all dried out, and it will be difficult to breathe. Sometime later your sinuses will be dripping like crazy. Often these sinus-related issues can be the result of a poorly shaped nose creating problems with how the sinuses hold and drain mucus. Using rhinoplasty to correct these functional problems with your sinuses will not only make the way the sinuses manage mucus function better, but it can also prevent too much mucus from dripping down your throat and making you sick.

Better Sleep

When you have trouble sleeping at night because of conditions like sleep apnea, rhinoplasty can be used to correct the structural issues behind this condition. With airflow returned to normal, your snoring will be prevented and you will be able to more fully engage the benefits of your parasympathetic nervous system to achieve better rest and repair functionality while you sleep. This is not only healthier for your body, but it can significantly improve your energy levels too.


You never know when you will be minding your own business and, out of nowhere, you get your nose broken. An accident like this can generate some discomfort as well as significant breathing issues. So, a plastic surgeon will undoubtedly need to reshape and align the nose to function as it did before the accident began causing you problems.

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