The Difference Between Liposculpture And Liposuction

The pursuit of the perfect body has long been a priority for people, and there are hundreds of weight loss and body building methods on the market to achieve desired results.  Often, however, diet and exercise don’t achieve an entirely successful result on their own.  So, people turn to cosmetic treatments in order to achieve the ideal body they have dreamt of.  Treatments such as liposuction have been used for years and are safe and reliable.  Newer, more advanced treatments such as liposculpture have emerged in recent years that can achieve more targeted results.

The experts at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa in Costa Mesa, CA provide some key details on the differences between liposuction and liposculpture so that you can make the right choice on what’s better for you.


Liposuction is a well-known treatment to eliminate unwanted fat and cellulite from areas of the body that can be stubborn to tackle via exercise or diet. Liposculpture is a more advanced treatment that not only removes fat from problem areas, but also achieves a more targeted result in tricky spots like the neck and chin.

Liposuction typically involves a local anesthetic, targets large fat deposits in the thighs, stomach, and buttocks, and focuses on fat removal.  The anesthetic helps to minimize swelling and bruising, and the result is a smoother, more contoured area.  People turn to liposuction if they are looking to remove larger deposits of fat, and sometimes they can even achieve weight loss with this treatment.

Liposculpture is more advanced in that it not only focuses on fat removal, but also the reshaping of fat deposits in order to provide contouring and definition of specific muscles.  It is not meant for larger fat deposits, but rather more suited for targeted improvements in body shape.  Liposculpture also can provide important health benefits, such as the treatment of benign fatty tumors called lipomas, and syndromes like lipodystrophy and gynecomastia.

Both treatments provide similar aesthetic benefits such as fat reduction, quick recovery time, and targeted results in problem areas.  Your choice between one or the other depends on the exact nature of your fat reduction goals and the specific areas that need targeting.


If you have worked hard to eat right and exercise, yet you are still frustrated by stubborn fat deposits that won’t go away, then liposculpture could be a great option for you.  In today’s selfie culture, physical appearance is more important than ever.  Self-confidence comes from looking and feeling your best.  Getting rid of those last bits of fat could make the difference between feeling good and feeling great.

It is important for you to note that neither of these treatments replaces diet and exercise, but rather provides a finishing touch to the hard-won results you have achieved through those efforts.

Please reach out to the clinicians at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa in Costa Mesa, CA to learn more about Liposculpture and whether it is the best option for you.

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