Remove Excess Fat From Your Thighs With a Thigh Lift

If you are struggling with excess fat on your thighs, you are not alone. The thighs are a major trouble spot for so many people. This area on your body can be especially challenging if you have lost a great deal of weight. You may have taken off those unwanted pounds, but stubborn fat may still be hanging on to your thighs. Excess skin can be a problem as well, failing to tighten after you have been on an effective weight loss program. You can target your thighs with exercise, but losing that excess fat on your legs can still be a challenge. When your own attempts at dealing with unwanted fat on your thighs haven’t worked, think about a thigh lift.

What Happens During a Thigh Lift?

During a thigh lift, our plastic surgeon will remove excess skin from the inner or outer thigh. In addition, any deposits of fat can be removed through liposuction. Once the procedure is finished, your thighs will have a trimmer and tighter look. You will be able to enjoy the new and improved appearance of your thighs within the first few days after your surgery.

Is a Thigh Lift Right for You?

A thigh lift could be the answer for you if you have reached your goal weight only to find yourself struggling with resistant fat on your thighs. If your thighs look considerably bigger than the rest of your body, a thigh lift can bring your legs into proportion with your figure. If your own attempts at diet and fitness haven’t been effective in trimming your thighs, a this procedure is a practical solution. You should be healthy before considering any type of cosmetic surgery and happy with your weight. If you plan on losing more weight, you should reach your goal first. Your thighs are going to change with fluctuations in weight. The best way to find out if a thigh lift is the answer is to ask us during your consultation.

Talk to Our Plastic Surgeon About a Thigh Lift Today

If you have had enough of excess fat on your thighs and you are ready for a transformation, talk to our plastic surgeon at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center and Spa in Costa Mesa. We will begin by listening to your concerns and evaluating your thighs. If our plastic surgeon determines that a thigh lift is a wise alternative for you, you can begin to prepare for the procedure. Be sure to ask questions. We will let you know what to expect and how to prepare for the procedure. Get ready to have the thighs that you have always wanted after your thigh lift. Schedule your consultation with us today!

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