Recovering From Breast Implant Surgery in Orange County CA

After you have had a breast augmentation in Orange County CA, it is important to take time to recover.Breast augmentations are one of the most popular procedures performed by plastic surgeons in Orange County, CA. With this surgery, women can have more attractive breasts and more confidence in their physical appearance. In order to achieve the best results possible, it is important to care for yourself and your breasts after the breast augmentation is performed. The following tips will help during your recovery.


After your surgery, the doctor will probably place a dressing around your breasts. This protects the area where the incisions have been made. Underneath the dressing, there are usually skin tapes. These tapes keep the incision in place. You should talk to your doctor about caring for the dressing. Usually patients are allowed to remove the outer layer after 24 hours. The skin tapes need to be kept in place for a few days. You can wash this area; however, it is a good idea to place gauze over the tape once you are finished.


To ensure that your breasts keep their shape, it is a good idea to avoid bras. An underwire bra, in particular, can affect the position of your new breasts. Most of the time, the surgeon will provide you with an elastic bandage or a special bra to wear. After a few weeks, you can resume wearing regular bras.


In some cases, patients are sent home with drains. This enables them to remove the drainage bulb. It also helps them record the level of fluid in their breasts. This level of fluid indicates when it is time for the drains to be removed.


After surgery, many plastic surgeons like their patients to massage their breasts to prevent capsular contracture. There are different techniques for massaging the breasts. In addition, some surgeons like their patients to start massaging soon after the surgery. Others have patients wait a few weeks to begin the massages.


Since a breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, patients will probably need a method for pain management. Typically the doctor will send you home with medications to alleviate some of the pain that comes with having surgery. However, it is also helpful to get the rest that is needed to promote a healthy recovery. The more you rest after your surgery, the less pain you are likely to experience.

Although the recovery process is not the easiest part of a breast augmentation, it is manageable. Soon, you will be able to greet the world with your beautiful and enhanced appearance. For more information on a breast augmentation in Orange County, contact Mira Aesthetic today.

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