Reasons to Consider an Arm Lift in Orange County

People who have extra skin or tissue on their upper arms are often extremely aware of this fact. They may find the skin distasteful in appearance, wearing sweaters or long-sleeved shirts in an effort to cover up. If you find that this is how you feel, it may be time to consider an arm lift in Orange County. The specialists at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa can evaluate your individual situation and help you develop a plan of action.

Remove Excess Fat and Skin

Often, when an individual loses a large amount of weight, they have extra loose skin and small amounts of fat left behind on their upper arms. This skin can hang down below the arms as if it were wings, and many people are highly embarrassed by its loose, non-toned appearance. An arm lift in Orange County will work to remove this excess skin and improve the overall appearance of your arms.

Increase Mobility

Individuals who have extra tissue hanging below their arms may find that it’s difficult to accomplish tasks precisely as they’d like to. The hanging skin can get in the way, or they may find that they sweat or are generally uncomfortable. Having this skin removed allows them freedom of mobility.

Boost Self-Confidence

If you’ve always felt embarrassed about the extra skin and tissue left behind on your arms after weight loss or due to aging, an arm lift may be the right procedure for you. You’ll find that after having the procedure, you’re more satisfied with your appearance and that any previous anxiety that you had about the condition of your arms is no longer an issue.

If you’re ready to learn more information about an arm lift, a local professional can help. Consult the friendly specialists at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa to learn more about the services that are available. Contact us today to book an appointment in Costa Mesa.

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