Laser liposculpting is the new and more advanced way of doing liposuction and sculpting.  I must caution you that like any new procedure you must make sure that the physician that is doing the laser has  complete knowledge of the procedure. Laser sculpting as good as it sounds it can also have devasting result that is practically not correctable if the physician scars your body.

Dr. Mirrafati has vast knowledge of the procedure and designed cannula to be used in conjunction with this laser for cellulite and acne treatment. This cannula hand piece is designed and made by Dr. Mirrafati specifically for cellulite and acne treatment.   Dr. Mirrafati uses this laser also for variety of other reasons.  It works great with liposuction which helps to melt the fat and more importantly improves the skin retraction after liposuction.  This will result in a more sculpted and even liposuction.  This laser also works great in the neck and the jowl area.  It melts the fat and collagenate the skin internally for a more sculpted and angled jowl line. When you come in for a complimentary consultation Dr. Mirrafati can further explain his innovation with this laser.