Unwanted hair can no longer be a problem with the advent of laser or light to remove hair. Such hair removal methods either use a low-energy laser or an intense light to safely and gently remove unwanted hair. Laser or light hair removal allows larger areas to be treated at one time making it faster than other hair removal methods such as electrolysis or waxing. In addition, this treatment can be used on almost any area of the body where hair-free skin is desired.


The length of treatments can vary greatly depending on the size of the desired hair-free area. The procedure begins with a cleansing and shaving of the area to be treated. The laser or light is then scanned across the area disabling the hair follicles as they absorb the light energy.


Patients can return to normal activities immediately after the treatment, although the use of sunscreen and some type of skin care product may be recommended for the treated area. It must be remember that laser hair removal is not always a permanent procedure and several treatments may be needed. The number of treatments needed vary greatly on a number of factors, such as the laser itself and the operator of the laser. In general, all laser or light treated hair should cause thinner hair and slower regrowth.