Active FX is a fractional laser skin resurfacing procedure performed in a single treatment, with minimal downtime, here in our office. Fractional resurfacing has emerged recently as the new gold standard for treating aging skin, as well as pigmentation and scars.

The Active FX is a new, less invasive version of the CO2 resurfacing laser. Just like a CO2 laser, the Active Fx uses the same technology that is considered the gold standard for reducing wrinkles, lines and pigmentation. The critical difference is that the Active FX is a fractionated laser, like the Fraxel. Unlike the traditional CO2 laser that requires anesthesia, Active FX requires only topical anesthetics.

In one 30 minute treatment, the Active Fx laser improves lines under the eyes and around the lips better than any other laser on the market today. During the same treatment, Active Fx wil shrink pores, reduce pigmentation and eliminate lines throughout the rest of the face. After three to five days of mild swelling and about a week of sunburn-like redness, the skin is dramatically improved. The treatment also stimulates collagen growth so improvements continue for several months after the procedure. The treatment can be repeated after 6 months, but most people are satisfied with the results of their first procedure.