Men and Women Love Laser Hair Removal!

What so many men and women are finding is that laser hair removal works better than shaving, waxing and using creams. Learn about the various reasons why people love laser hair removal!

Less Unwanted Body Hair

After a series of laser hair removal treatments at our office, men and women typically start to notice that their hair will grow back less frequently. If and when their hair does start to grow back, it grows in thinner too. This is because the photon energy of the laser impairs the hair follicles that are responsible for hair regrowth. After a number of laser hair removal treatments, the increased number of impaired follicles are not able to as easily produce new hair growth.

This is great news for many men and women—especially in situations where their unwanted body hair does not grow back for weeks or even months at a time. For these individuals, an occasional maintenance treatment could suffice to keep their situation under control. Not only does this mean that they will have little to worry about, but it also means that they will continue to have smooth, silky, hair-free skin until it is time for their next maintenance treatment.

Additional Benefits

When men and women get laser hair removal treatments done, they find it is far easier to engage in various activities without the hassle of dealing with hair removal getting in the way of their plans. Where shaving can hold some people up for half an hour to longer while getting ready, men and women who have had laser hair removal done can skip over that problem altogether.

Contact Us Today to Learn More

If you are a man or a woman who is tired of fighting unwanted body hair with your razor or other means, then is it not time that you tried a more modern approach to ridding your body of unwanted hair? Call our team at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center, located in Costa Mesa. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!

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