Liposuction Options

Discover liposuction options for shaping and contouring your body to eliminate stubborn fat deposits. Are you struggling to lose that last bit of stubborn fat clinging to your belly, buttocks, or thighs? You’re not alone. Many people reach a limit to what they can achieve with healthy diet and exercise and need a bit of extra help shaping their body to its desired slim and trim form. Fortunately, liposuction can help individuals who are in good physical condition and have good skin elasticity eliminate those stubborn fat bulges. There are several different types of liposuction procedures available.



First of all, there is the traditional method of liposuction. This requires the patient to be put under general anesthesia so the surgeon can remove fat cells from the targeted areas. The tool that is used to remove the fat is called a cannula, and in traditional liposuction the cannula is about the size of a straw. The surgeon makes a small incision and then moves the cannula around beneath the skin to loosen fat cells, which are then sucked out of the body via a vacuum device attached to the cannula. Using this large cannula results in more bruising and a longer recovery time than you would experience with newer liposuction methods.


In tumescent liposuction, the surgeon injects special fluids into the area to be liposuctioned that help to anesthetize the area and reduce the amount of blood and fluid that will be lost. Then, a smaller cannula is inserted to remove the fat. Tumescent liposuction offers many improvements over traditional liposuction. First of all, it can be done without general anesthesia which eliminates the risks associated with putting patients under total sedation. Secondly, the procedure is less stressful to the body and provides a much shorter recovery time.


Laser liposculpting is an increasingly popular method of removing stubborn fat, especially cellulite. It is sometimes used in combination with tumescent liposuction to help ensure the best possible result, as the action of the laser helps melt fat for easier removal and also improves skin retraction for a smoother and more even liposuction. The laser cannula used in this procedure at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center was designed by Dr. Mirrafati himself and so he naturally has an excellent understanding of its effects. This is very important because in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon, laser liposculpting could potentially cause permanent scarring. In addition to being useful for body fat, laser liposculpting can also be used to melt fat in the neck and jowl area with excellent results.

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