Liposuction may Help Improve Heart Health

Recent Study Claims Liposuction may Offer More Than Cosmetic Benefits. Liposuction, also called liposculpture, is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available.  It can help transform the body by ridding it of excess fat in areas that have been stubbornly unresponsive to diet and exercise.  Some of the common areas where people have liposuction performed are the stomach, outer thighs, buttocks, arms, cheeks, neck and chin. Men also have liposuction and it has been used to help eliminate male breasts. While there have always been aesthetic benefits of liposuction, a recent study found that having the procedure may also help reduce the chance of heart disease.


More than 300 liposuction patients participated in the study. Their cholesterol and triglyceride levels were measured by researchers before and after the procedure.  Elevated levels of triglycerides, also known as bad fats, have been linked to heart disease. For the people who did not have high triglyceride levels, getting liposuction had no impact.  Patients who had elevated levels of triglycerides before the procedure had a 43% decrease in the amount of triglycerides found in their blood afterwards. The reduction in triglycerides was about two times greater than what patients would expect after taking cholesterol lowering drugs. No differences were noted to other cholesterol or glucose levels.  Higher white blood cell counts are also linked to heart disease and white blood cell counts also dropped by 11% in the patients after having liposuction.


While the results of study were very interesting, more questions were raised.  The number of participants was relatively small, so a larger study may help convince more doctors of any cardiovascular benefits of liposuction. It was also unclear how long the triglyceride levels would stay down after surgery in the patients who experienced the drop. Typically what contributes to heart disease is fat around the organs and not the subcutaneous fat right under the skin that is removed during liposuction. Any improvements in triglyceride levels would have to be measured against overall heart health to determine if they are truly reducing the likelihood of heart disease. The best way to keep the heart healthy is to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and maintain a good body weight.  Liposuction will never be a replacement for these things, but it is good to know it may have some benefits beyond purely cosmetic ones.

Liposuction is a very popular cosmetic procedure for women and men. It can improve body appearance and inspire self-confidence. If you want to learn more about it, contact Mira Aesthetic Medical Center and Spa at 714-544-8678 for a complimentary consultation.

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