Learn the Benefits of Liposuction in Orange County

How much fat we have on our bodies is a direct result of our dietary choices and activity level, but where we store our fat is, unfortunately, largely genetic. This means that you can work out, eat right and carve the physique you’ve always wanted, only to be stuck with a rounded lower belly or flabby thighs courtesy of your ancestry. Losing even more weight may not be advisable if you are already at a healthy weight, and spot reduction using special exercises is a myth. Liposuction with our surgeon in Orange County offers a solution to this problem and can help you get the shape you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

How Liposuction Works

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes stubborn fat deposits, leaving you with fewer fat cells and a more pleasing aesthetic. It’s a deceptively simple procedure that can give you amazing results. Thanks to advancements made in cosmetic medicine over the years, our surgeon in Orange County offers lipo utilizing innovative techniques that may include ultrasound and tumescent fluid.

Preparing for Liposuction

If you are considering liposuction, you need to be aware of the purpose of the procedure. It is not designed to remove large amounts of fat. If you still have a big belly or generous thighs and want them reduced, weight loss should be your goal before considering cosmetic surgery. To prepare for lipo, you should be at or very close to a healthy weight and in good shape. You should have a dedicated exercise schedule and a varied, healthy diet that is rich in nutrients.

Your Liposuction Procedure

Your liposuction procedure in Orange County will be customized, only involving things that you want and need. During the procedure, our surgeon will skillfully remove the fat from the preselected areas utilizing specialized techniques.

You can expect a recovery period after your liposuction procedure. Over time, any side effects will fade and your energy will return. After you have fully healed, you can enjoy the results of your procedure for years to come, so long as you work to maintain your results.

Getting Started

If you have worked hard to have a toned, lean physique and are still plagued by stubborn fat deposits, liposuction at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa in Costa Mesa may be just the solution to get you the tight, pleasing look you want. Contact us today to schedule a consultation in Orange County!

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