Is It Time to Consider a Breast Lift?

Your breasts are among the most feminine parts of your body, and they can factor heavily in how you feel about yourself. When they are large and perky, you may feel youthful and vibrant. However, if they droop and sag, you may feel older and unwilling to flaunt your curves. If your breasts are not all that you feel they should be, it may be time for you to consider a breast lift. Keep in mind that this is not the same as a breast augmentation. Here are three times when this procedure may be right for you.

When Your Breasts Are Sagging

You may want to opt for a breast lift to correct the shape of breasts that are drooping and sagging. This happens when there is too much skin and surrounding tissues and not enough firm breast tissue to maintain the desired shape. Your breasts may be drooping for a variety of reasons. For example, many women notice that their breasts change shape after pregnancy and childbirth especially if they chose to breastfeed. However, these changes may also occur as a result of massive weight loss. The stretched-out breast skin may not be able to resume its old appearance. The natural course of aging can also cause unwanted changes.

When Your Nipples Are in the Wrong Spots

One of the best ways to tell that a breast lift is right for you is to look at your nipples. In youthful, perky breasts, the nipples will lie towards the lower center of each breast. However, if the nipple are lower than your breast crease, this is unnatural and will require a lift. Our professional will be able to address sagging nipples as well as nipples that are pointing down instead of forward with incisions placed around the areolas and possibly down to the breast creases.

When You Feel Insecure about the Shape of Your Breasts

Some women may not think about the shape of their breasts. However, others may feel much of their feminine identity is wrapped up in their shape and curves. If you are feeling embarrassed by the look of your breasts or are unhappy with their general shape, a breast lift may be a good option. The lift can restore a perky, youthful look to your breasts as well as improve symmetry. Although your breasts will continue to change as you age, you can experience many years of great shape with this treatment.

A breast lift can breathe new life into your breasts if they have begun to droop and sag or look less youthful. You may even be able to add an augmentation to your lift if you want larger breasts along with an uplifted appearance. For more information on this procedure, reach out to Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa in Costa Mesa and book an appointment! Our staff are ready and eager to help you explore your options, work through your concerns, and give you the body you just can’t help but love. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

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