How to Fight 4 Top Causes of Visible Aging

Cosmetic treatments and lifestyle changes can help keep you looking younger.Looking younger is a common goal for both men and women, and both sexes are increasingly turning to surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures in order to achieve the look they want. At Mira Aesthetic Medical Center, we offer a wide variety of high-quality services designed to dramatically reduce the signs of aging. No matter which of the following top 4 causes of visible aging may be behind undesirable changes in your appearance, we can help.


High stress levels have an extremely detrimental influence on just about every system in the body, including skin. Not only will the health of your skin be compromised, you will also likely begin to develop deep wrinkles. Frown lines are especially common. One non-surgical procedure that can work wonders on developing frown lines and other dynamic wrinkles is Botox. If wrinkles have already become quite deep, surgical options such as a face lift may be required to restore a smooth, wrinkle-free look. In order for the effects of your cosmetic procedure to last as long as possible, it would be best to take steps to remove stress from your life, such as learning relaxation techniques.


UV radiation from the sun’s rays is very damaging to skin, causing damage on a cellular level that results in wrinkles, discoloration, and even cancer. The good news is that a good deal of this visible damage can be reversed. To eliminate blotchiness or sun spots, a chemical peel can be used to dissolve and remove the extra layers of dead skin cells that have accumulated excess pigment. Following your treatment, you will want to protect your newly rejuvenated skin from the sun by using sunscreen.


Smoking is a common cause of facial wrinkles. Studies have shown the impact dramatically by comparing the skin of identical twins—the smoking twin looks years older than the non-smoking one. Depending on the location and extent of the wrinkles, a variety of non-surgical procedures can be used to reduce their appearance. Fine lines can be reduced with laser treatments, dynamic wrinkles can be arrested with Botox, and deep wrinkles can be reduced with fillers. Surgical treatments are not recommended for smokers due to the way in which nicotine interferes with healing. To benefit from cosmetic surgery and to reduce the future accumulation of wrinkles, it is necessary to quit smoking.


Another issue that can make people look and feel older than they are is weight gain. This is especially true of stubborn fat accumulation around the midsection as often occurs in middle age. At Mira Aesthetic Medical Center, we can help in several ways. For individuals who need to lose a lot of weight, we offer a weight loss system including medications and dietary advice, and for help losing that last little bit of fat that just won’t yield to diet and exercise, we can offer liposuction.

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