Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

The business of breast augmentation is a big one. With total spending for breast surgeriesreaching nearly $1 billion each year, the industry continues to grow. One of the newest trends to hit the market is the so-called gummy bear implant. While it is not composed of the popular candy, the doctor who coined the phrase did so because of the similarities between the implant material and the candy. However, silicone and saline breast implants remain other popular choices for women looking to enlarge or reshape their breasts.


On May 21, 2012, ABC News reported on Doctor Grant Stevens, a popular plastic surgeon in California. He had just named a new form of implants the “gummy bear breast implant” and it was kicking up quite a movement in breast augmentation. Dr. Stevens said he named the implants as gummy bears because of their ability to hold their shape even when cut in half, just like the candy that keeps it shape when sliced in two.

Dr. Stevens highly recommends these implants for the following reasons:

  • They look and feel more like natural breasts.
  • They have a much lower rate and risk of rupturing.
  • They are stable and keep their shape.

While the Food and Drug Administration approved these silicone gel implants in March of 2012, neither the FDA nor their company, Sientra, call them gummy bear implants.


Another popular material used for breast augmentation is silicone. Having been used for almost 50 years, this material has seen great improvements in its design and safety. Women choosing to have breast implants done with silicone can choose from many different sizes and styles. These implants are inserted through a very small incision underneath the breast, in the armpit or under the areola. Once these implants are inserted, they are inflated to the desired size the patient requested. This surgery lasts only one or two hours and patients are usually sent home the very same day.


An additional option women have when receiving breast augmentation is the saline implant. Once this implant is inserted during the operation, it is filled with a sterile salt water solution. Like other implants, these do carry the risk of leaking and rupturing. However, the body absorbs the sterile solution if it does leak and a simple restructuring surgery can repair the implant.


Women interested in learning more about the cost and procedures involved with breast augmentations can contact Mira Aesthetic Medical Center and Day Spa. Located in Orange Country California, this team can help you navigate the costs, options and recovery periods of the different surgeries.

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