There are basically two methods of buttock augmentation.  The most predictable route is buttock implant placement.  The implants are not like the breast gel implant, it is a solid silicone implant. The implant comes in different shapes from oval to round to a rectangular block shaped implant.  During your complimentary consultation Dr. Mirrafati will examine you and together decide on the implant shape and the size.  Buttock implants are the most predictable route of buttock augmentation but it does have several negative points that must be mentioned.

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There is a very high infection rate due to the proximity of the implant to the rectum.  This can be as high as 30% and does require the removal of the implant.  There is also very high rate of seroma formation.  Seroma is basically a pocket of fluid build up around the implant which require several needle aspiration of the pocket and in some cases advances into implant infection and ultimately implant removal.  We must also mention that in about 5-8% of patiences will end up with retractable pain which requires implant removal.

The other technique of the buttock reshaping is called the Brazilian buttock reshaping. This is the procedure  that we perfected at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center. Dr. Mirrafati’s techniques of at harvesting or fat retrieval is the key success to this procedure. Dr. Mirrafati believes that in order to have success in this procedure you must know how to retrieve the fat cells without damaging the integrity of he fat cell.  This is why we have high success rate and very high patient satisfaction. If the fat cell integrity is compromised the percentage of the fat survival is tremendously reduced. Dr. Mirrafati with over thousands successful fat transfer procedures to different parts of the body and face takes pride in not only his harvesting techniques but as equally important, his transfer techniques. Transferring fat in small aliquot in different layers so it can pick up a blood supply and become permanent part of the body, is the key to success.  This takes many years of experience and an artistic hand to accomplish the even layering of fat so it does not become lumpy. When you come in for a complimentary consultation, Dr. Mirrafati will further explain his techniques.  Along with transfer Dr. Mirrafati can also liposculpt the hip area to further the image of the buttock projection.