Facelift Procedures are Simpler Than You May Think!

If you look at your face in the mirror and notice wrinkles and areas that sag that make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance, then consider a facelift. The procedure is simpler than you might have initially thought, and you can begin seeing the changes in how you look within just days. The first step is to discuss the procedure and what you can expect with a qualified professional.

The first thing to understand is that a facelift is a surgical procedure. As such, recovery time is involved. With that being said, many people are surprised by the lack of hassle involved in getting a facelift, especially when the right precautions and preparations are taken ahead of time. In fact, some of your friends and family members may have even gotten a facelift done without you realizing it! When done correctly, the procedure can be very discreet.

One of the things that you’ll talk to the doctor about during the initial consultation is the type of change that you want to see on your face. This information will help the doctor determine what kind of changes will be made during the facelift.

The actual details of the procedure vary from patient to patient. Keep in mind that although a facelift is simple on the part of the patient, it is in fact a complex procedure that requires a great level of skill and expertise.

Once the tissue is positioned correctly, the skin can be lifted so that it covers the area in a contoured fashion. Any excess skin can be gently removed. The surgeon can give you a smooth appearance on your face that you want, but it won’t look as if you have a “pulled” or “overworked-on” appearance. Our surgeon always aims to provide natural-looking results.

Reach out to the team of professionals at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa to schedule an appointment and talk about the changes that you want to see on your face. Dr. Mirrafati would be more than happy to evaluate your unique case. Our office is located in Costa Mesa, CA. Contact us today to book your consultation for a facelift!

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