Explore the Benefits of EndyMed Pro

The EndyMed Pro treatment tightens sagging or loose skin, improves the quality of your skin, reduces cellulite and provides a more youthful appearance with the use of radio frequency energy. This is a body contouring procedure designed to trigger your collagen renewal process. The results include an improvement in the contour of your body and better skin texture and tone due to the shrinking of fat cells. The system is unique due to the use of radio frequency energy for a body contouring and skin tightening treatment. You should see a reduction in the amount of sagging and loose skin and a decrease in cellulite in various parts of your body.

The EndyMed Pro treatment provides a wide range of benefits. Some of these include:

  • Results immediately visible in the targeted areas
  • Safe for every skin type
  • Fast treatment sessions
  • Results that last for quite a long time

The EndyMed Pro system works due to the ability of the radio frequency energy to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin with heat. This triggers a contraction and tightening of your existing collagen structures, leading to a new production of collagen. When your existing collagen contracts, you will immediately notice an improvement in the texture and tone of your skin in the area being treated. The new production of collagen is the beginning of a gradual improvement in the quality of your skin. In most cases, the improvements will continue for months.

The number of EndyMed Pro treatments you will need is based on your desired results and other factors. In most cases, multiple treatments are necessary to achieve optimal results. A customized plan for your treatment will be developed prior to your first session to help ensure you obtain your desired outcome.

If you are interested in the benefits provided by the EndyMed Pro treatment, schedule a personal consultation at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center in Costa Mesa, CA. Contact our office today to book an appointment!

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