Enjoying the Benefits of a Cheek Lift in Orange County

No two individuals have the very same facial features. The exact shape and tautness of the facial skin varies according to bone structure and size, the amount of muscle tissue beneath the skin, and the amount of fat that accumulates in this area as the individual ages. A traditional facelift can help smooth away wrinkles on the uppermost area of the face, but it cannot enhance the mid-face features. A cheek lift can help correct all of these problems. It’s really a specialized form of a facelift. It targets specific areas of concern, and it’s performed using tiny instruments to make small changes to the subdermal tissues. We serve all of Orange County and are more than happy to discuss a cheek lift cosmetic procedure during a consultation at our office in Costa Mesa.

What a Cheek Lift Corrects

The most common reason our clients in Orange County have a cheek lift performed is to correct sagging of the skin below the eyes. The lower lids can become puffy in appearance, but upon close inspection, we notice that the skin is drooping and creasing due to fat accumulation. This sagging extends down to the upper part of the cheek. Another problem is the appearance of nasolabial folds on each side of the nose. This can be treated to some degree using dermal fillers, but some individuals want a more permanent solution. Raising the skin in this area and removing excess fat can create a tauter surface and restore a more youthful appearance.

A Simple Outpatient Procedure

Our surgeon in Orange County uses specialized techniques to perform a cheek lift procedure. The techniques make it very easy to remove or reposition the fat and other tissue. Recovery from a cheek lift can take multiple weeks, depending on the situation. The results aren’t permanent because fat will once again accumulate in the problem areas. However, many of our clients report satisfactory results lasting for several years. Keep in mind that a cheek lift can also be performed in combination with other procedures to achieve maximum results on all areas of the face and neck.

Get More Information

Many individuals in Orange County aren’t sure what a cheek lift is and how it differs from other types of facial surgery. Get in touch with us at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa get all the facts and to learn whether you might be an ideal candidate for this cosmetic treatment. Contact us today to book your appointment at our office in Costa Mesa!

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