Do I Have Gynecomastia?

You don’t want to look at your body these days because you’re struggling with gynecomastia. You know that a man isn’t supposed to have a large bust. You want to have a physique that makes you proud, not one that makes you want to hide. If this is your situation or you suspect that you have gynecomastia, it may be time to see our talented plastic surgeon.

How Can Our Plastic Surgeon Help You?

Our plastic surgeon is skilled in sculpting the human body. When it comes to procedures involving the breasts, you may think about breast surgery as a procedure for women. However, our plastic surgeon is not only skilled in increasing the size of someone’s bust. He can also reduce breast size to make a person feel more comfortable. Many women choose breast reductions when they aren’t happy with a large bust. Dr. Mirrafati can perform specialized procedures for men with gynecomastia, reducing the size of their breasts so that they have a flat chest once again.

Whether your breasts have become enlarged due to a hormonal imbalance, weight gain, or a combination of factors, our plastic surgeon knows how to eliminate excess breast tissue. Through a surgical procedure, changes can be made that bring about natural-looking results. This procedure allows our surgeon to remove that unwanted breast tissue that has made you feel so self-conscious. If there is an issue with excess fat, our surgeon can remove it as well.

Learn More About Gynecomastia Surgery

Don’t let gynecomastia continue to affect your life. Dr. Mirrafati and the team at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa are here for you to give you advice and first-class treatment. If you are interested in male breast reduction, contact us today to make an appointment at our office, located in Costa Mesa. We look forward to speaking with you!

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