Discover the Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Have you looked in the mirror and been displeased with the appearance of your nose? Do you have trouble breathing at times or have frequent sinus infections? If so, then a rhinoplasty could be the answer. This surgery is also known as a nose job. It involves shaping the nose by removing cartilage or other techniques to give you the shape that you desire. Aside from a better appearance, there are a few other benefits associated with this kind of surgery.

When there are issues with the structure of your nose, it can be hard to breathe normally at times. This issue is often seen more at night than during the day because you can usually sense when you’re not able to breathe well when you’re awake and are able to do something about how you feel. A deviated septum is a common issue that you might have. When the septum, or the wall that is between the nostrils, pushes to one side or the other, then it can be difficult to breathe. This issue is often caused if you break your nose, but you could be born with a deviated septum and only discover the severity of the issue later in life.

If you have broken your nose while playing sports or after being in an accident, then a rhinoplasty can fix the break. An X-ray is usually performed to determine exactly where the break is so that the best method of the surgery can be performed. Sometimes, you could break your nose by getting hit and not realize that it’s broken at the time until you begin experiencing pain, nosebleeds, or trouble breathing.

Other benefits of rhinoplasty include correcting issues that are present from birth, such as a crooked nose. The surgery can give you a better appearance so that you feel good about how you look when you view yourself in a mirror. A lot of our patients come to us because they are unhappy with the appearance of their nose. Either it is too big, too small, there is a bump on the ridge, or some other cosmetic issue is troubling them. Whatever the case, our professional staff will work with you to determine how you would like your nose to look.

At Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa, our skilled surgeons can work with you to create the perfect nose for your face. We are conveniently located in Costa Mesa, CA. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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