Comparing Hair Removal Methods

Professional hair removal methods offer distinct advantages over at-home methods.Unwanted hair: it’s a problem many people will have to manage for decades, from puberty onwards. There are a variety of methods for removing or reducing unwanted hair, some of which can be provided in the comfort of Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa. In this blog we compare the 4 main options for hair removal to help you decide which method to use to eliminate your unwanted facial or body hair.


Shaving is by far the most common method for removing unwanted body hair. It is very cost-effective, but also time-consuming, and the results do not last more than a few days. Shaving can also be irritating to the skin, especially when underarms are shaved and then deodorant is applied.


Tweezing is typically the go-to option for removing a small amount of unwanted facial hair, such as to shape the eyebrows or to eliminate hairs growing from moles or from the chin. It takes a good while for hair removed by tweezing to grow back as the hair follicle has been completely removed. The downside is that yanking hairs out with a tweezers can be quite painful.


Waxing also removes the hair follicle for a long-lasting solution to unwanted hair. It can be used on the face or on the body. The main problem with waxing is that you have to allow the hair to grow out for at least 10 to 14 days in order for the procedure to be effective. This can be embarrassing. Facial waxing also has some limitations in that it is not suitable for individuals who have used or are using Retin A or Accutane or have had a recent laser peel.


Out of all the possible methods for hair removal, laser hair removal is perhaps the most effective and the most comfortable. It is also the most costly, but when you consider that after several sessions hair regrowth can be dramatically reduced, with the number of follicles being reduced and the remaining hairs becoming finer and lighter, laser hair removal can actually deliver a very cost-effective result. At Mira Aesthetic Medical Center, we provide treatments using the Adept Ultra wave II Laser. This FDA approved technique is effective on all skin and hair types, including light hair and suntanned skin.

Ready to pursue a professional solution to your unwanted facial or body hair? Please contact Mira Aesthetic Medical center to book a waxing at our spa or a laser hair removal treatment in our clinic.

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