Chemical Peels in Costa Mesa – Maximizing Your Benefits

Are you a Costa Mesa resident who is bothered by skin problems like scars, blemishes, or wrinkles? All of these common skin complaints can be effectively treated using chemical peels. Chemical peels are medical-grade treatments designed to remove some of the outer skin tissue to allow for fresh skin growth that displays fewer imperfections like signs of aging and sun damage.

The type of peel that you need will depend upon factors like your age, current skin condition, genetics, lifestyle, and overall medical condition. Light peels are appropriate for very mild skin complaints like light lines and wrinkles, while more powerful forms are needed in the cases of deeper skin problems.

Types of Peels

A light chemical peel is commonly used for treating very mild skin conditions like light lines and wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. It helps to brighten your complexion by removing only the outermost skin layer comprised of an organic material that blocks fresher skin underneath. This type of peel is simple and convenient, even for those with busy schedules.

Other types of peels remove the stratum corneum skin layer and some of the lower epidermis layer. This will encourage your body to produce new skin tissue with minimized scars, wrinkles, and hyper pigmentation.

A deeper chemical peel is typically required in cases of deeper wrinkles and scars. It is able to penetrate deep within your skin to remove the epidermis and portions of the lower dermis skin layers. Your body responds by replacing damaged skin tissue with fresher, more youthful skin for the minimization of deeper skin issues.

How to Maximize the Benefits

After your chemical peel treatment in Costa Mesa, you will want to lock in your results and ensure that you maximize your benefits. As such, it is very important to treat your skin extremely gently with a light touch. Be careful about any type of skin care product that you put onto your skin after your peel. Avoid aggressive rubbing and trying any type of new product that may have unpredictable results for your skin.

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