Breast Augmentation Basics for Prospective Patients

For many women, their breasts are a symbol of their feminine beauty, providing a level of self-confidence when wearing their favorite dress or swimsuit. However, due to medical conditions, genetic traits or damaging accidents, some women do not feel comfortable with their breast size. Fortunately, Orange Country California offers women of all shapes, sizes, and ages breast augmentation procedures to help them feel beautiful and love their bodies.


One of the best attributes of breast augmentations is that they are a great choice for almost any woman. However, some of the most common reasons women choose to have the surgery include:

  • Small or misshapen breasts.
  • Reshaping of breasts after surgeries or accidents.
  • Cancer survivors in need of reconstruction or implants.

It is important to note that those who are healthy, of a proper weight, and non-smokers have the greatest success rate, as their bodies are better able to undergo and recover from the surgery.


Women wanting to receive breast implants or reconstructive surgery must schedule an appointment with their surgeon. During this time, the patient and doctor will work together to decide upon the best implant for the woman’s needs and desires. Women can choose between different types of implants composed of a variety of materials. Photographs may also be taken to assess the shape and health of the breasts before and after surgery.

Another important part of the preparation includes keeping the body healthy and ready to undergo surgery. Women prepping for their procedure should exercise, drink plenty of water, and eat a diet full of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. However, women should avoid alcohol 2 to 3 days before their surgery and no liquids or food should be taken in 12 hours before their surgery. Vigorous exercise should also be stopped the day before the surgery.

The night before surgery, women can shower with antimicrobial soap. However, it is important to not apply any lotions, cosmetics, or deodorants after showering. It can also be helpful to remove nail polish from the fingernails so that the nurses can monitor blood flow and circulation.


Recovering from a breast augmentation surgery can take about six to eight weeks. After the surgery, a dressing will be applied to the area to protect the incisions. Many women also wear a supportive bar for about three weeks. During this time, oral pain relievers can be taken to alleviate pain. The breasts and nipples may remain numb but the feeling returns as the swelling decreases. Scars will fade over time to minimal light lines. Women who experience severe pain or bleeding should contact their surgeons immediately, but these cases are rare. Women ready to increase their bust line and confidence can contact Mira Aesthetic Medical Center and Day Spa with any questions and scheduling needs they may have.

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