Botox: Erasing Time to Restore Your Natural Beauty

Botox is an FDA-approved prescription delivered by injection that softens the appearance of wrinkles. It blocks the nerves that contract muscles beneath the surface of your skin by temporarily reducing the activity of those muscles. It is best when used on dynamic wrinkles (those that have not had time to set) and those that show up when you smile or frown. The idea is that if a muscle does not move it cannot form a wrinkle. With Botox cosmetic treatments, you can smile without worrying about giving away your age.


Botox is an ideal way to erase wrinkles and the fine lines that emerge as we age. You can obtain a flawless complexion with a minimally invasive procedure that specifically targets your neck, forehead, underarms, and around your mouth. There are many exciting benefits of Botox. For instance, it is effective in reducing arthritis pain, treating patients with an overactive bladder, and relieving chronic eyelid twitching. The main reported advantages include:

  • Non-surgical solution to fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Lifts the brow.
  • Decreases excessive sweating by inhibiting the chemical that stimulates the sweat glands.
  • Reduces migraines when injected into the neck, forehead, and shoulder.


A very delicate needle is used to place a tiny amount of Botox into several pinpointed locations in your skin. The use of a 31-gauge needle, which is smaller than a diabetes or TB test needle, makes pain (if any) that you might feel very slight. In fact, when delivered into the forehead and crow’s feet regions it is barely felt. Because Botox is simple and safe, no local anesthetic or sedation is required. However, if you prefer, you can be pre-treated with cold packs or a topical anesthetic to the areas that your physician intends to inject. Keep in mind that getting Botox is fairly quick. In fact, you can return to regular activities immediately following the procedure. Additionally, when properly administered by a licensed professional, Botox is considered painless and harmless.


The actual process typically takes about 10 minutes depending upon how many injections you receive. For instance, Botox is placed in three areas around the outside of each of your eyes to combat crow’s feet. On the other hand, you will receive five doses for the frown line area. You should see remarkable results within two to four days. The most visible changes are usually seen about 30 days after treatment. It is essential to remember that Botox is not permanent, but two or three treatments per year are all most patients need to keep lines and wrinkles from forming. If you want to look younger with a non-surgical technique such as Botox, contact Mira Aesthetic today to schedule your free consultation.

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