What Can Stem Cell Therapy Do for Me?

This is a question that anyone with chronic pain, inflammation, internal tissue tears or the need for regeneration of bone, muscle, or other tissue should be asking. Stem cell therapy is a ...
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Tummy Tuck in Costa Mesa: Unexpected Benefits

Loose skin and excess fat in the midsection can be frustrating to deal with, and that is why so many people undergo the tummy tuck procedure. This innovative operation allows us to ...
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How Microneedling in Costa Mesa Can Help You

Microneedling procedures are increasingly in demand among our Costa Mesa patients seeking non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments. If you are dealing with skin problems like scars, wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, or stretch marks, ...
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Subtly Enhance Your Features with a Facelift in Costa Mesa

Injectable fillers have spiked in popularity in recent years. These products are quite effective at minimizing lines and wrinkles. But they are no replacement for the traditional facelift when it comes to ...
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Signs You Might Need a Breast Lift

When you think of breast surgery, you likely think of implants. While breast augmentation is a good choice for many women, it is not right for everyone. Some women may ...
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Want to Look Your Best? Visit Our Nose Surgeon!

Your nose is one of the first things that someone notices on your face, and if it is an odd size or shape, then it is hard to look your ...
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EndyMed Pro for Discreet Fat Reduction

Keeping your body lean and tight can be a challenge, especially as you start to get older. Radio frequency treatments are growing in popularity because they can help stimulate your ...
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Common Questions About Liposuction

You are not happy with your figure. You’ve tried to achieve your goals to shape your body on your own, but they haven’t been effective enough. You’re wondering if liposuction is the ...
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The Power of BOTOX Treatment

Many of the fine wrinkles and lines on your face can be treated with simple injections. We’re not talking about dermal fillers, however. The power of BOTOX® injections cannot be overstated. This ...
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Rejuvenate Your Natural Beauty with a Facelift

Years of treating the facial skin with moisturizers, light therapy, chemical peels, and dermabrasion has definitely worked to delay the inevitable. However, you’re now experiencing deeper folding and creasing, deeper ...
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