All About Breast Augmentations in Orange County CA

Learn more about the popular plastic surgery procedure, breast augmentations. Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular for cosmetic improvements. It provides men and women with a long lasting solution in terms of appearance, and it builds many people’s confidence. A breast augmentation in Orange County, CA is one of the top plastic surgery procedures performed. If you are interested in this cosmetic improvement, learn more about it below.


The great part about breast augmentations is that just about any healthy individual is a good candidate for the surgery. With an augmentation, the size and shape of the breasts can be enhanced. Therefore, unless you have perfect breasts, it is likely that the procedure could benefit you.

This procedure works particularly well for those who are extremely healthy. This means that they are non-smokers and they are not over weight. In addition, it is helpful if there is enough breast tissue on the person’s body to support and cover an implant adequately.


When you meet with your doctor, you can determine the type of implant you prefer. There are a few options to consider. First, it is important to determine the texture. You can select something that is smoother or something that is a little rougher. Next, you can select the shape of the implant. Although it is more common to choose a round implant, some people prefer the look of a teardrop implant. Finally, it is important to determine what you want the implant to be made of. Silicone implants are the most common, and they feel the most natural. However, saline is an option to consider as well.


There are multiple types of incisions that a surgeon can make during the procedure. You can discuss which option is best for your needs before you have surgery. This will promote the best results.


The cost of the procedure varies. It usually includes multiple factors such as the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia fees, lab fees, cost of implants, prescription medicine costs, facility fees, post-op garments, and more. Sadly, this surgery is usually not covered under you insurance policy.


It can take time to recover after the procedure is over. The amount of time varies between patients. Some people recover in two days. Other people recover after two weeks. After the surgery, it is normal to experience pain, soreness, and swelling. Medication can help minimize the pain. It is also a good idea to rest as much as you can. This promotes a faster recovery and minimizes the swelling in the body.

If you have more questions or want to schedule a breast augmentation in Orange County, contact Mira Aesthetic today.

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