Address Superficial Veins with the Spectrum Laser System

It’s so frustrating when you have veins that create what looks like a fine spider web across your skin. The legs are the most typical area, but they can appear on the hands and face as well. It can make you want to hide the affected area. You can’t cover everything up all the time. You can try to do your best with cosmetics, but those veins are likely to continue to be noticeable. If you are struggling with superficial veins and you want to eliminate them, the Spectrum laser systemcould provide you with the treatment you need.

How Can the Spectrum Laser System Help You with Superficial Veins?

When spider veins appear, you may think that there is nothing you can do. You figure it’s a part of life and you have to accept it. That is definitely not true. Our vein specialist can target the areas where you have spider veins. The Spectrum laser system can direct laser energy to the part of your body where you have superficial veins. The heat of the laser will cause the veins that have been treated to collapse. The blood will no longer be able to pass through them and the superficial veins will gradually fade away. The treatment is gentle. You will only feel the warmth of the laser energy as it goes to work. Give your treatments time to take effect. You will notice the results as your superficial veins are no longer noticeable anymore.

Why Choose the Spectrum Laser System to Address Problem Veins?

The Spectrum laser system is generally recommended for minor vein issues. If you have varicose veins that are more pronounced, you may need to look at more involved procedures. Catch your superficial veins while they are mild and you will be able to avoid bigger problems in the future. You will gain more confidence in your appearance when spider veins are no longer noticeable on your skin. The treatment is short and takes place in our office. You will need to be patient. Your results won’t happen immediately, but they will be worth it when you see clearer skin. You can avoid surgery and injections when you choose the Spectrum laser system to take care of your superficial veins.

Ask Our Vein Specialist About the Spectrum Laser System Today

If you are experiencing issues with your veins, whether they are mild or more advanced, a vein specialist can help you to find solutions. Make an appointment with our doctor to have your superficial veins evaluated. If our specialist feels that the Spectrum laser system will be effective for you, you can schedule your treatment. Ask what you need to do to get ready for your laser treatment. You should also learn about recommendations when you get home. You want the best possible results. Contact us today at Mira Aesthetics Medical Center & Spa.

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