Achieve the Butt of Your Dreams with Fat Transfer in Orange County

You love your body. It’s in good shape and at a weight that works for you. You can’t complain except for one area that you would like to improve. It’s your butt. You don’t have the fullness that you would like to see. You want to have unforgettable curves and that means more roundness when it comes to your behind. You can’t get the results you want on your own. Exercise has only managed to trim your bottom down. You need extra help. Consider a fat transfer procedure in Orange County!

What Can a Fat Transfer Do to Shape Your Butt?

You can give yourself the gift of an incredible butt when you open the door to a fat transfer. It’s a simple procedure that is being used as a common solution when people need more volume in different parts of the body. It can be used to get rid of hollows in the face, plump up the lips, and more.

The procedure begins by identifying an area on your body where you have excess fat. You can improve the shape of your butt by taking fat from this part of your body and having it injected into your bottom. Our skilled plastic surgeon will remove fat from the targeted area. Once the fat is removed, it will need to be purified. Once it has gone through purification, it will be injected into your buttocks. You can get the fullness you have always wanted in one procedure that will only have minor downtime.

Why Choose a Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer gives you a natural approach to improve your buttocks. You don’t need to have implants or any other type of surgery with this option. It can improve the shape of your buttocks and get rid of fat someplace else. You will improve your appearance in more than one way at once.

If you are ready to give your buttocks a new shape and you want a natural option in Orange County, a fat transfer at Mira Aesthetic Medical Center & Spa could work for you. Set up your first visit with our plastic surgeon in Costa Mesa to find out if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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