Accentuate Your Curves With Non-Surgical Laser Liposculpting

Laser liposculpting is a non-surgical method for combining liposuction and body contouring. By specifically targeting acne and cellulite, the physician can beautifully sculpt and reshape your body, erasing years away from your appearance. Additionally, it is an ideal approach for melting away fat while adding collagen to your skin, improving its firmness, elasticity, and youthful vibrance. The result is an evenly contoured tone. This technique works great on the stomach, arms, thighs, buttocks, jowl, and neck areas.


Permanently removing fat from your body increases your self-esteem and enhances your natural beauty. With less recovery time and decreased pain, laser sculpting is a modern and convenient way to regain your youthful body. By instantly dissolving fat from targeted areas of your body, you will appear immediately slimmer. There is a proven relationship between self-esteem and the confidence linked to body image and how you nurture and care for yourself. In fact, relieving your body of excess fat can improve your self-assurance and significantly enhance the quality of your life.


Traditional liposuction is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. Fat is removed from various sites through suction. However, risks are associated with any surgery, in particular with patients who have too much fat removed. These patients can end up with dents or lumpiness in the over-suctioned skin. Laser liposculpting, on the other hand, is a non-surgical, painless alternative to surgery. Fat is reduced using a non-invasive system with the added benefit of simultaneously tighten the skin. In addition, laser treatment is considered safe for nearly all patients, reducing the overall risks associated with conventional surgery.


Only board-certified plastic surgeons experienced in all facets of body contouring and laser liposculpting should perform offer this service. More importantly, the physician must have knowledge of the skin, fat, muscle, and fascia tissues as well as the surrounding bone and cartilage. Indeed, it is critical in your overall healing. You should choose a physician that you can trust and one who is an experienced professional in board-certified plastic surgery. The changes that characterize the aging process are not something you have to accept. We place your health and safety seriously. For this reason, we only offer medically supervised options performed by a board certified cosmetic surgeon. He is a licensed, experienced, and regulated provider of the each of the treatments we offer. You should only trust your beauty and health to a medical professional. For that reason, we only hire those with the best credentials and the highest standards. If you desire to totally reshape your body or just add some contours, contact Mira Aesthetic so that can help you achieve the look you hope to attain.

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